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Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most positively impactful rulers in the history of England. During her reign on the throne for 45 years, she made many accomplishments that were not typical for women in her time and for most people in general.

Women in the 1500's

1558 - Came to throne-Created peace between Protestants and Catholics-Deafeated Philip II of Spain, most powerful man in the world-Encouraged Age of Exploration-England went from poor to rich during her rule

-No education-Considered weaker sex-No rights or privleges -Served as housewives-Considered items of possession-Unintelligent -Unuseful to society

Queen Elizabeth

-Was very educated -Spoke 6 languages-Did not marry-Ruled England-Dominant role in society -Affected outcome of England-Owned land


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Elizabeth I


And the Women of Her Time


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