English Renaissance

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English Renaissance

-The two Henrys served as pathways into the Renaissance-neither contributed much, but the way they acted and what they were influenced by led to the Renaissance-for example, Henry VIII, with the creation of the Anglican Church, threw religion into turmoil-all this influence occured because england had fallen behind-prices had risen, the population had doubled, wages dropped, and poor feel very far behind rich- because they felt they weren't being helped by it, many people turned to science over religion-Tudors realized that they had also fallen behind in education, so they copied European schooling-they, although they never managed it in their reigns, also wanted to catch up with the Italians in culture

Architecture and Art

1476- Literature begins its advancement1485- Henry VII takes power1509-Henry VIII takes power1550 - widely considered beginning of English Renaissance1558-Elizabeth I takes power1563- Lutanist John Dowland born1564- William Shakespeare born1650-end of English Renaissance- no event, just faded

-visual arts, including architecture, were not the main focus of the English Renaissance-the prevelant form of architecture was called Tudor architecture-it was actually not much different from medieval architecture-foundations of buildings were made using half-timerbing-it consisted of taking strips of timber and making a general foundation, then filling the rest with plaster and brick-in this type of building, you could only live in the upper floors-bottom was used for storage-other forms of architecture were Perpendicular, Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Palladian (pictured above)-in art, miniature paintings was the dominant style until Holbein, one of the best at miniature, was commisioned to do a full size portrait by Henry VIII-quickly full size portraits became very popular-due to that, many were painted of Elizabeth I, best by Hillard-Sir Anthony Van Dyke


The English Renaissance



Flow My Tears-John Dowland

-in the English Renaissance, almost everything musical was based on the lute and the English Madrigal-the lute looks a lot like a guitar, but back bent, creating difference-one of the most famous lutanists was John Dowland-his songs were generally on dark topics an he was the lutanist to King James I-the English Madrigal is vocal chamber music, that, depending on artist, was light or dark-usually about love


-Literature began its transition in the 15th century-A main reason was printing press, introduced by William Caxton in 1476-Caxton published his book at the same time as Henry Tudor came to power-The Pastime of Pleasure, a book by Stephen Hawes, made people in England realize that an education is important-Translations of the Aeneid introduced blank verse, setting the way for Shakespeare -Some books were written about poor living conditions-All these culture changes affected literature, as that was also under strain to be as good as the rest of Europe-This period of literary achievement was very short, but highest period of literary achievement, some say in whole world-While it yielded many great writers, it is important to remember that that was not the norm-There were just a few that were especially good, and those are the ones that are known today-Shakespeare referenced Holbein’s paintings in Richard II-Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest writer-English-he is certainly one of teh most famous-He worte many plays, including "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and "Henry VIII"-he is so famous that some people have confused Bible quotes with his-His plays are quoted more than anything except the Bible


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