english project Paranormal Phenamena Psychic powers

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english project Paranormal Phenamena Psychic powers

Paranormal Phenomena

Psychic Powers

Psychic Powers with animals. Animals abilities have been the focus of increased attention over the years.

Day dreaming helps create story lines.

For example, when you were a kid and you pretended to be a king or you had some weird storyline in your head, you let your imagination just run wild.

Meditaion, yoga or maybe even just sitting in a bath stops the chatter going on inside of your head. This helps you relax and get deep into your center.

The subconscious mind is like a radio, if you analyze or judge the subconscious mind will automatically stop the flow of information.

Psychic powers were taken seriously by the U.S. government C.I.A. during the cold war;year2008;volume=1;issue=2;spage=66;epage=71;aulast=Venkatasubramanian>.>>

These three signs are the three articles I got my info from. Copy and paste them in the url on your internet.


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