[2015] Mirza Ibrahimovic: English Project

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[2015] Mirza Ibrahimovic: English Project

Angela Wu StoryBy: Mirza Ibrahimovic

She moved to Singapore early in her life while her dad was in the United States with a transfer job. She lived in Singapore with her mother most of her life until halfway through the eigth grade. School in Singapore is similar to the United States except that it is more difficult than it is here. Her family decided to move to the United States so they could all be together and not apart like they used to be. Angela had to adapt to the new schooling system here and she had trouble with it at first but got used to it.

Her Story


She is an only child. She lives with her mother and father.

Schooling System

In Singapore, it is more disciplined and there are no such things as a "dentention" in schools there. and they have a different schedule every day of the week.

Angela Wu was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Angela lived in Singapore, Singapore. It was located at the tip of Malaysia which used to be a British colony.




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