English, Poster: Vocabulary

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English, Poster: Vocabulary

1)•Countable nouns can be singular or plural.•Uncountable nouns are always singular.2)Use some and any to talk about quantity:• use some in positives sentences. • use any in negative sentences and questions.DON'T USE some or any with SINGULAR COUNTABLE NOUNS.3) Use much, many and a lot of to talk about quantity:•use many and a lot of with countable nouns.•use much and a lot of with uncountable nouns. •use a lot of in positive sentences.•use not many, not much and not a lot in negative sentences.•use how many and how much to aks questions about.

Grammar: countable/uncountable nouns; some/any; much/many/a lot of.Vocabulary: shopping; my home; in town.


English, poster:


In town



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