English Influence in North America

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English Influence in North America

English Influence in North America

The first successful English colony was Jamestown. It was founded by Englishmen who came to the New World to make money.

Separatists helped settle the Plymouth Colony. They left England because they wanted to practice their own religion freely but were not allowed to do so in England.

English settlers brought the English language with them to the New World. English is the main language of most people in the United States and one of the two official languages of Canada.

Much of what we eat today is based on what the English settlers once ate. Click on the video below to learn about English foods that the settlers brought with them to North America.

English settlers built wooden houses with sloped roofs, just as they had in England. Later, the English modeled their houses after the elegant brick homes of England. English home styles have remained popular in Canada and the U.S. even today. Click on the video below to see examples of English architecture.

Unlike the Spanish and French, most English settlers were Protestants. They brought the Protestant religion to North America. In addition, they brought traditions of individual liberty and self-government. These ideas continue to affect the way we live today.



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