English II Syllabus

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Language Arts

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English II Syllabus

Some countries we will visit in the next few months...

English II Syllabus

English II Mrs. McCabe

You get to blog, make videos, and write your heart out. You get to read some of the greatest stories written in the world. You get to choose the books to add to your journey. You get to be a traveller of the world -- even if you never leave North Carolina!Yay!!!

Some things to remember: We read every day.We write every day. In order to do those things, you MUST bring your books a, daybook, and a pen or pencil. EVERY DAY!!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

I give you an Agenda each Monday that details what we'll be doing. If you get your parent/guardian to sign it, I'll give you extra credit points on your 9-week grade.

Grading: Reading -- 25%Projects -- 35%Classwork -- 40%



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