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English Home Work

Napoleon = Josef StalinModern day counterpart- Kim jong IlBoth are well, tyrant. They use agression as a method of solving problems.Both were against their neighbouring countries.

Characters and their modern counterparts

Squealer = Propaganda in general; also possibly Vyacheslav Molotov in particular.Modern day counterpart-Barack ObamaBarack Obama claims to bring better lifestyle changes and decrease the cost of life.However, in practal, the situation hasnt gotten any between better. His mottos''We can do it'' and others seek to convince and propogate the fact as well.

By- Aaryan ManojYr 9 B5

Mr. and Mrs. Jones = Tsar Nicholas II and his family; also capitalists in generalModern day counterpart- Richard NixonEx- president of Us, self syled ''social democrat'' and ''revolution starter to a new, better America''.Both failed to oversee the corruption issue, which is a basis of human beaurocracy.

Old Major = Karl Marx,Modern counterpart- Martin Luther King JrBoth are ideal founders. Both have vision, perception and an acute sense of equality.The irony is both passed away without their goals intact

Snowball = Leon TrotskyModern day counterpat- Che GuevaraBoth are close friends with theie tyrant/friend but, yet ultimately turn their backs onto the tyrant.


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