English colonization

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English colonization

English Colonization

English Colonies1. New Hampshire2. Massachusetts3.Rhode Island4. New York5.Connecticute6. New Jersey7. Pennslyvania8. Delaware9. Maryland10.Virginia11. North Carolina12.South Carolina13. Georgia

The Reasons for English Exploration:1. Economic Problems2.Unemployment3. Religious Reasons4. Political ProblemsTo sum it all up:God,Glory, and Gold

Important Figures:John Locke- English philosopher, helped guide the ressurected board of trade that over saw England's New World.Sir Francis Drake- Saved the starving colonists and took them back to England, helped defeat Spanish Armada.

Sir Francis DrakeJohn Locke

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6 interesting facts you probably didn't know about the English Settlers:1. They lived longer than any other colony2. in the 1630's, more than 15,000 settlers left to Massachusettsto escape religious and economical struggle3.The Native Americans helped the settlers adapt to their new land and traded with the English settlers.4.The reason the English Settlers revolted gainst the Mother Countrywas because they didnt feel like they had rights as English Men.5.Jamestown was the 1st and permenant settlement of theEnglish colonies.6. Charleston was the capital for over 100 years.

Jamestown and Charleston

Resolutions:* The English Settlers found Religous Freedom*The English Settlers gained wealth* The English Settlers were taught new tenquies to adapt to their new land.

Main Sources:* Hicks,Timothy E. The South Carolina Journey. Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith Edu. 2013. Print* Biography.com


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