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English Assignment

Paddy's Markets!Another iconic part of the Chinatown area in Sydney is Paddy's Markets. Known for it's over the top, cheap goods and things, which often aren't worth the money you pay anyway, that tourists and visiters buy there. Everyday the market is open, tourists flock to see what is up for grabs, again often not worth the price. Products from this market can range from 'onesies' and other clothes to Machete's and Katana's!'I just bought a live Turkey from Paddy's! Who knew they sold them?" -Andrew Daniels (2013)

Sydney Chinatown

Spring Rolls are a common order at any Chinatown restaraunt!

This shop is calledLa Bella BabyJust one of Chinatown's many shops that sells clothes and other goods.

This is Haymarket another part of Chinatown in Sydney!

Chinese New Year celebrations around Chinatown!

Food!Chinatown in Sydney is not at a shortage of food and drink for anyone who visits. It is renowned for it's eating arrangements and it definitely won't allow you to go hungry. "I love all of the smells when you walk in!"-Barbara Smith (2014)

Shops!As you make your way through the busy thoroughfare that is Chinatown, you will come across many different vendors, small kiosks and shops selling all kinds of goods, varying from snacks to toys to pets! "Chinatown is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!"-Forrest Frump (2013)

Some History on Chinatown Sydney's version of Chinatown has a fair amount of history explaining how it became such a pivotal part of common Sydney tourism, such as during the Gold Rush era a lot of Chinese/Asian families came to Australia to start a new life. A fair chunk of those families moved to Victoria in search of riches, but many of these families stayed within this area and made it what it is today. Chinatown's history is clearly a big part of why people visit it, because it's a culture that the average Australian doesn't experience in their day to day life, and it is also a hub for social get togethers. "I never knew Chinatown was so old!" -Shaun hosengolfenhousen (2014)


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