English Activity - Felipe Hernández

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English Activity - Felipe Hernández

Read the text again and complete the table:LOCATION - FloridaTYPE OF VACATION - Family VacationACTIVITIES - Boat Sailing, Basic Knot TiesCOST - 140 DollarsLENGTH - Three Days

English Activity

1. Match the activities with the objects

2. Write the past simple or perfect form of the verbs B. Jaya had been online for only ten minutes when the power went out. C. Elisa was already at school when she realized she had left her homework in her bedroom.D. Marie had went to bed already when she remembered that she didn't let the cat in.

3. Read the review. Are the sentences True (T) or False (F)?B. They stayed in a hotel (F)C. Nobody stays at tents because of the bears (F)D They went climbing at Yosemite Falls (F)E. Jaya spent a lot of time skiing (F)

3. Circle the correct optionsB. Marie won/had won the tournament because she was training/had trained hard all year.C. Chris and Dave played/were playing baseball when it started/was starting to rain.D. Amy felt/have felt sick because she had eaten/was eating a whole pizza.E. I hadn't met/didn't meet your brother until you were introducing/introduced us at your party.

Bird Watching

Horseback Riding

Whitewater Rafting




Rock Climbing

1. Complete the text· Calamity Jane, whose real name was Martha Jane Cannary, was born in Missouri on May 1, 1852.Thirteen years later, her family moved to Virginia Cit, Montana.Her mother died on the journey, and young MArtha had to look for work.First, she worked as an oxi-driver, but she wanted more adventure, so, in 1874 she joined the army as a scout. She quickly gained a reputation for her skill at riding and shooting, during one gunfight, she saved the life of Captain Egan, and as a result, Egan named her, "Calamity Jane, the heroine of the plains."Calamity Jane soon left the army because she was so restless, and worked as a railway worker and a mule skinner before becoming an actor and playing herself on stage. Calamity Jane! The Famous Woman Scout of the Wild Westn 1896.Calamity Jane died in Ferry, South Dakota in 1903.

2. Read the text again and answer the questions.B. How many jobs are mentioned in the text?- 4 jobs C. What was Jane very good at?- She was very good at riding and shooting D. Whose life did she save?- She saved the life of Captain EganE. Why did she leave the army?- Because she was restless

2. Read the statements. Do they show (I) instrinct, or (E) extrinsic motivation?B. I need to learn some dates to pass the history test. (E)C. My parents want me to learn to play the piano. (E) D. I want to study Medicine so I can help sick people. (I) E. English is important because it will help me get a job. (E) F. I need to join a gym beacuse my friends say I'm overweight. (E)

3. Think of a goal you did or didn't achieve and write about your motivation, include the information below· Learning goal: Speak English· Intrinsic motivation: I have always been interested in languages· Extrinsic motivation: It can help me see the world from other perspectives, communicate globally and get better job opportunities.· Why you failed or succeed: I succeeded because it's somthing I'm pasionate about· What you learned: I learned how to communicate, other cultures, different knowledges, more words, etc


1. Circle the different word and write why.B. Circular - because it's a shape of something, not a unit of measureC. But - because it shows somthing contrary to, it doesn't add something like the other wordsD. Climbing - because it's an activity and not a place

2. Match the types of acommodation with the definitionsB. This is a large farm - RANCHC. There are several of these on each floor of a building - APARTMENTSD. This small house is normally in the countryside - COTTAGEE. You can pitch a tent here - CAMPSIDE F. The first meal of the day is included with your room - BED AND BREAKFAST

4. Write the correct form of the verbs. B. When the store checked my banknote, they discovered it was a forging.C. A gang of robbers held up the First Western Bank yesterday.D. Three people witnessed the rain accident last weekend. E. A local man tried to kidnap the son of a well-known millionaire.

5. Complete the textWyatt Earp was born in 1848 in Illinois and later moved with his family to Iowa.Wyatt worked on a farm before becoming a police officer and getting married. But his wife died young, so he became a buffalo hunter in order to forget. Earp was also an expert gambler.After seeing his brother killed in a famous gunfight at the OK Corral, Wyatt hunted down and killed the culprits.

1. Complete the sentences with the phrases in the box.B. Chris was able to speak to the teacher before class to explain why he didn't manage to finish the homework. C. By the time Karla was ten, she could already speak two languages and she was able to get on the honor roll.D. It was raining so hard this morning that I couldn't ride to school.E. The other team was excellent, but we played hard and managed to win the gameF. The French teacher spoke so quickly that I couldn't understand a word she said.2. Correct the mistake in the underlined verbs.B. I hadn't met John until I had gone to the party - WENTC. We took an exam when the fire alarm went off - WERE TAKINGD. The police said the criminal was robbing another bank ten years ago - ROBBEDE. We watched two movies on the plane while we had flown to the beach - WERE FLYING

3. Complete the sentences with a suitable endingB. While I was doing my homework last night, I fell asleep on my notebookC. Karla easily passed the science exam because she had studied hardD. The children couldn't watch TV because they had to go to bed earlyE. Elisa listened to music while she was jogging



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