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english 2

Keith Richards Life By Keith Richards

This book start in Dartford England when Keith is a kid. To the swingin london scene . The to the Rca studios with satifaction . Then he had the 4 Great album . But it also has all of his personnel life . The 72 tour of the americas. To his battle with heroin and being imprisoned for life To Keith and Mick jagger fithing thru the 80's and the solo carer on the 80's and 90's . Then married to his now wife Patti Hansen in 1983 . To The Mega tours of the 90's and cameo in the pirate of the Caribbean.


Characterkeith Richards: Is the guitarist for the Rolling Stones and The expensives winos Mick Jagger : Singer for the rolling Stones

SettingAll over the world from england to jamaica and then new york

Recommendation to people how are interested in the man and the music and the Rolling stones



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