English 12 vocab

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English 12 vocab

Vocab Words

English 12

This Week's Words

acquiesce (v.) to agree without protestingelucidate (v.) to clarify, explain

1. fetid (adj.) having a foul odor2. stoic (adj.) unaffected by feeling or passion3. brusque (adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive4. procure(v.) to obtain, acquire5. gratuitous (adj.) uncalled for, unwarranted6. modicum (adj.) a small amount of something7. assuage (v.) to ease, satisfy8. wily(adj.) crafty, sly9. implicit (adj.) understood but not outwardly obvious, implied10. ostensible (adj.) appearing as such, seemingly11. dissipate (v.) to waste12. munificence (n.) generosity in giving13. credulity (n.) readiness to believe14. vitriolic (adj.) having a caustic quality15. indigenous (adj.) originating in a region16. pervasive (adj.) having the tendency to spread throughout

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