English 11 Vocab

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English 11 Vocab

Vocab Words

English 11

enamor (v.) to fill with love, fascinate (usually used in the passive form followed by "of" or "with")truncate (v.) to shorten by cutting off

This Week's Words

Marking Period 4 Past Words

defer (v.) to postpone something; to yeild to another's wisdommitigate (v.) to make less violent, alleviateanimosity (n.) a feeling of strong dislike, ill will, or enmity that tends to display itself in actionwanton (adj.) undisciplined, lewd, lustfuldiminutive (adj.) small or miniaturequaint (adj.) charmingly old-fashionedeloquent (adj.) expressive, articlate, movingloquacious (adj.) tending to talk a great dealimpetuous (adj.) rash; hastily doneusurp (v) to sieze by force, take possession of without rightnuance (n.) a slight variation in meaning, tone, expressionstupefy (v.) to astonish, amazecapricious (adj.) subject to whim, ficklevenerable (adj.) deserving of respect or to honorantecedent (n.) something that comes beforeresilient (adj.) able to recover from misfortune; able to withstand adversity


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