English 10 Vocab

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English 10 Vocab

Vocab Words

manifest (v.) to show plainlytedious (adj.) dull, boring

This Week's Words

English 10

Marking Period 4 Past Words

1. extraneous (adj.) irrelevant, not necessary, extra2. vapid (adj.) lacking liveliness, dull3. ostentatious (adj.) excessively showy, or glitzy4. vex (v.) to confuse or annoy5. pragmatic (adj.) concerned with practical matter, realistic6. precocious (adj.) characterized by exceptional early development or maturity (especially in mental abilities)7. vivacious (adj.) lively, sprightly8. winsome (adj.) charming, pleasing9. ignominious (adj.) humiliating, disgracing10. raucous (adj.) loud, boisterous11. demean (v.) to lower the status or nature of something12. kudos (n.) praise for an achievement13. languid (adj.) sluggish from fatigue or weakness14. noisome (adj.) unpleasant, offensive, especially to the sense of smell15. immerse (v.) to absorb, deeply involve, engross16. stingy (adj.) not generous, not inclined to spend or give


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