England in the Middle Ages

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England in the Middle Ages

The Magna Carta- One of the most important documents was the Magna Carta- It is a collection of 37 English laws that became the basis for English citizens' rights- The Magna Carta defined the beginning of constitutional government in England- This document led to the formation of parliament in England- The Feudal system was before the Magna Carta and England was run by the lords and nobles- The lords started receiving large amounts of money due to fines being distributed for illegal acts- The Magna Carta also greatly reduced the power of the King of England

England in the Middle Ages

By: Chloe Reed


The Magna Carta was signed by King John in the year 1215.

Social Classes- There was a very distinctive social class system in the middle ages- Over 90% of people were peasants- The clergy were also an important part of the social order- Royalty were the highest of social classes and had complete power over the land and political and economic decisions- The King was the highest authority in England- The Nobility came next, having the most power after the Royals- To be a Noble you either inherited the power or earned it from the KingThe King had power over everything including the Nobles and the Nobles had power over everything below them- Peasants were the lowest social rank- Slavery was outlawed but still conducted for a long time


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