England In 1890's

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England In 1890's

England in the 189o's

Born: May 22, 1859Died:July 7, 1930-Edinburgh, Scotland-Graduated from Edinburgh University in 1881-Worked as a surgeon and medical officer -Moved to Portsmouth, England to focus on writing-Published "A Study in Scarlet" in 1887-Published "The Red Headed League" in 1891-Continued on to write more mysteries and non-fiction pamphlets


January - Primary schooling in Britain becomes free of chargeMarch - Great Blizzard of 1891; Steamship SS Utopia sinks, killing hundredsApril - London-Paris telephone system opened to public; Census taken of United KingdomMay - British Central Africa Protectorate formedAugust - Edison introduces motion picture cameraDecember - Basketball invented by James Nasmith

-Mid-Victorian Era -Wealthy women wore dresses with high collars, tight bodices, and hoop skirts-Men dressed in overcoats, waistcoats, collared shirts, and bowties-Children wore pleated skirts and dresses as toddlers

-Phonograph gains popularity-Operas and musical theaters become large in entertainment



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Arthur Conan Doyle

Frederick Delius- "Irmelin Prelude"

Timeline: 1891


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