England and the Jews

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Jewish History

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England and the Jews

Anti-Semitism is the extreme dislike or hatred towards Jews or the Hebrew people. To be Anti-Sematic, you would discriminate against the Jews because of prejudices among the community.

Five Basic Beliefs of Judaism1. Monotheism2. The covenant between God and Abraham3. The Messiah has yet to come4. The Torah is the Holy Book5. God punishes the wicked and rewards the good

England and the Jews

Stereotypes given to Jews1. They were often called heretics along with the protestants2. They are arrogant 3. They happen to be very stingy

Anti-Semitism has a very long history in England, dating back to when Catholicism was created. It has discriminated Jews for centuries. In fact, on March 1190 in York, Jews were murdered as well as there homes being burned and stolen from by group of noblemen leading a large mob through the streets. 150 survivors took refuge in the castle, but the authorities promptly surrounded them, pushing some of the Jews to kill themselves. The Jews that remained were drawn outside with the promise of clemency and were butchered on the spot.

In a few specific times in England (The 13th and 17th centuries,) Jews were actually banned from England, and their readmission was one of Oliver Cromwells most important legacy. Even after they were allowed back into the country, Anti-Semitism continued to flourish though, with T.S. Eliot, who was a famous literature poet, being an influential individual with the subject. The most commonly used name Jews are called in England is "Yids."


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