Engineering Aerospace

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Engineering Aerospace

Crazy Aerospace FeatA totally solar powered plane flies and makes a new distance record in 18 hours. Click here to read more

Fast Facts - There are two branches of Aerospace Engineering: Aeronatical and Astronautical. - The median annual wage for aerospace engineers was $103,720 in 2012.-There is a demand for aerospace engineers.



Aerospace engineers work in places like NASA, Ford, and Toyota. They can also get jobs in commercial companies like Virgin Galactic. They can work both outside testing prototypes and inside designing new plans.

Aerospace Engineers are responsible for making golf balls go farther and race cars go faster. They are also design aircraft, spacecraft, sattelites and missiles.

To become an Aerospace engineer, you need to have a bachelor's degree in aerospace or aeronautical engineering.

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Aerospace engineers need to be able to research, design, develop, maintain and test all the performance of many forms of aircraft and spacecraft. They have a team that they work with and need to be able to communicate with their team.


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