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NUCLEAR ENERGYknown as atomic energy.

Non-Renewable Energy- fossil fuel- radioactive substances

Renewable Energy- sun- wind-biomass- water- geothermal- waves

Sources of Energy

Renewable and Non-renewable energyWhat did we do?


FORMS OF ENERGYEnergy available in various forms: 1. Kinetic energy. 2. Potential energy. 3. Heat energy. 4. Light energy. 5. Sound energy. 6. Chemical energy. 7. Electrical energy. 8. Nuclear energy.9. Thermal energy.

WHAT IS ENERGY?Energy is defined as the ability to do work. For example, the energy needed to run, climb trees, light bulbs, ride a bike, and paddle boat. All living things need energy to perform their daily activities. Humans and animals get energy from food derived from plants or other animals. Plants get energy from the food that is produced during the process of photosynthesis. Energy is measured in Joules (J).

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KINETIEC ENERGY- energy possed by a moving object. - depend on the mass of object (mass increase, kinetic increase) and the velocity of object (velocity increase kinetic increase

POTENTIAL ENERGYPotential energy is the energy stored in an object. a. position - gravitational force energy, ex. Coconut on tree b. condition - elastic potential energy, ex. spring, stretch rubber band.

HEAT ENERGYi. stored in hot object. Ex. Sun, fire, boiling waterii. heat energy depend on a. temperature b. volume

LIGHT ENERGYi. energy produced by an object that emits light. Ex. Lamp, fire, lightning, bulb, candleii. can detect by eye.

SOUND ENERGYi. produced by a vibrating object.ii. sound can transferred by gases, liquid and solid. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

CHEMICAL ENERGY- stored in chemical substances such as fuel, food and electrochemical cell.

ELECTRICAL ENERGYi. produced by the electric charges that flow.ii. sources of electrical energy are dynamos, batteries, solar panel/cell and generator.


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