Energy In Systems: Catapult

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Energy In Systems: Catapult

Certain types of energy are active while this machine is in use. There is kenetic and potential energy present while in use. The catapult is built using matal lever and and an rubberband, then when an external force is applied to the lever to pull it back, it is transformed into kinetic energy.

Energy in a catapult is stored as potential energy. When it releases the object it is transformed in kinetic energy, which lets the object fly. Some of this energy is also transformed into heat energy. When the catapult is released, the potential energy is rapidly transformed into kinetic energy, moving the lever and the object. After the arm of the catapult has propelled the projectile forward, some of the energy is converted to thermal energy, or heat.

An example of energy transfer is the rubber bands twisting and turning to make heat.This is also a way to express torsion. As the object flies through the air, some of its kinetic energy is transferred to the surrounding air as it pushes it out of the way. When it lands, that kinetic energy is transferred into the ground, which will then either use the kinetic energy for itself, or transform it into heat and sound.

Forms of Energy


Energy Transformation

Energy in Systems: Catapult

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A catapult is a open system that slings objects over a great distance because the tension of forces acting on the machine. Our system also uses a lever for the throwing arm. This uses also different kinds of forces such as kenetic energy and when pulling back the arm makes potential energy.

Type of System


Our catapult is 35.4 centimeters tall, 15.5 centimeters wide, and the length is 23.9 centimeters.

Our project illustrates the law of conservation of energy because the energy being used is converted to another type of enrgy. An example would be when energy is being transfered from potential to kenetic.


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