Energy in a Mountain Ecosystem

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Energy in a Mountain Ecosystem

Every living thing needs energy. Living things use that energy to eat, hunt, and/or survive. That energy can come from many different places, but the main energy source is the sun. The sun is used as energy for producers, which are eaten by primary consumers, which are food for secondary consumers and so on.

The grass is a producer.

Snakes are tertiary consumers.

Rabbits are primary consumers.

Insects are primary consumers.

Cougars are secondary consumers.

Shrews are secondary consumers.

Mice are secondary consumers.

Deer are primary consumers.

Matter never goes away. Matter might seem like it vanishes, but it's just in a different shape or form. When a lion eats an antalope, the antalopes matter doesn't change, it just gets transferred to another organism or living thing. Next time I hear or see an organism being eaten by another organism, I'll remember that it's just a transfer of energy and matter.

Rocky Mountain Ecosystem

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