Energy Forms

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Energy Forms

What Forms of Energy Do You Use?

Sound Energy: energy of vibrations carried by air, water, or other matterEXAMPLES:1. Listening to a rock band2. Shouting to a friend

Radiant Energy: energy that travels as waves and can move through empty spaceEXAMPLES:1. light2. X rays3. infrared rays

Electrical Energy:energy carried by electricityEXAMPLES:1. DVD player2. TV

Mechanical Energy:energy an object has due to its motion, position, or conditionEXAMPLES:1. A person running2. A bicycle stopped at the top of a hill3. A wound spring in a windup toy

Nuclear Energy:energy produced when an atom splits apart or when two atoms join to form one atom*14% of the electrical energy people use.

Chemical Energy:energy stored in the way atoms are connected to each otherEXAMPLES:1. When your body chemically changes your food2. Muscles running3. All life functions

Thermal Energy:energy of the movement of atoms and moleculesEXAMPLES:1. When the thermal energy of ice gets too great the ice melts

Notes:*Energy can change forms.*When you use energy, you often change its form. *When energy changes form no energy is lost. *Matter can't be created or destroyed even if chemical changes occur. *Matter and energy can be changed into each other under extraordinary conditions.

Examples of Energy Changing Forms:1. Radiant energy to solar energy on a solar calculator.2. Radiant energy to thermal energy on a solar panel.3. Radiant energy to chemical energy in plants.4. Electrical energy to radiant energy when you turn on a light.5. Electrical energy to sound energy when you turn on a TV.6. Electrical energy to mechanical energy when you turn on a fan.



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