Energy Flow

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Energy & Environment

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Energy Flow

Converting Energy


During photosynthesis, producers convert the light energy into the chemical energy in sugar molecules.Some sugar molecules are used as pure energy or they are used to build complex carbohydrate molecules that become part of the producers body.

Energy Transfer

Food Chains & Food Webs

Energy can be converted from one form to another or oneorganism to another. Consumers can't make their own food,so they eat other consumers to obtain energy. When it eats the other organism, their energy is transferred to the organsim that ate it. Energy passes from organisms in a food chain by herbivores eating producers and consumers eating other consumers. The energy passes through the chain. A food web is a model that shows all the possible feeding relationships among organisms living in a communtiy. A food chain is made up by several different food chains.

Energy Pyramids

An energy pyramid shows the amount of energy availible at each feeding level in an ecosystem. The bottom of the pyramid shows all the producers witch is the first and largest level. It is the largest because it contains the most energy and number of organisms. As the energy is reduced from one level to another, each level becomes smaller, because as we move up the feeding levels, 10% of the availible energy is transferred to the next level.

Available Energy

Food Chains vs. Food Webs

Food Chains: There is a limit to the number of links on a food chain because the amount of energy is reduced as you go from one feeding level to the next.

The number of mice is greater than the number of hawks because when a mouse eats a seed, the mouse absorbs a majority amount of the energy from the seed. When a hawk comes along and eats the mouse, the hawk will not get very much energy from the mouse because the energy decreases by each feeding level.

When a population becomes limited, say a hawk and a mouse, when there are less mice due to limiting factors, there will be less hawks because there were less mice to feed on.

Food Chains: So you may be wondering what happens to the energy in organisms that are at the top when they die, well the decomposers of course! They comsume the decaying organism and release the nutrients back into the ecosystem for the producers to use.

Energy Flow

By: Dacey Turner


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