Energy Flow

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Energy & Environment

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Energy Flow

Energy Flow

Food chain: When going through a food chain, energy becomes scarcer. Their can only be a certain number of links, otherwise the consumers would never get enough energy.

Energy Pyramid: shows how much energy each feeding level recieves in an ecosystem. Most likely, the top level will have less organisms that the one before. This is because the top level recieves the least energy so they have to eat the most organisms to recieve the amount of energy they need.

Food web: a model that shows many different feeding relationships in a community. If you were to remove one section of the food web, it would cause the other populations to flourish or go scarce. Example: If you were to remove the animals in the soil food chain, the other insects would multiply faster, but then there wouldn't be enough grass to feed them all.

How do plants get energy? Plants are producers, whitch means they make their own energy. Plants convert light energy from the sun to the chemical energy in sugar molecules (photosynthesis).

Energy- needed to perform any activities, we consume this from the food we eat.

What happens to the energy in organisms when they die?The organism is usually eaten by another organism, mostlikely a decomposer. This new organism then gains that energy.


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