Energy- efficient water purification

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Energy- efficient water purification

Energy-efficient water purification. Osmotic Heat Engine

Another way water can be purified is through the osmotic heat engine. This is used to generate electrical energy. High hydraulic pressure is needed for the closed loop process. As water flows to the pressure, the expanded volume is released through a turbine. This generates the electrical energy.

Some water bottles have built-in water filters.

Elimelech and McGinnis, students of Yale have designed ways to purify water while using less energy.Forward osmosis benefits from the natural circulation of water through a semi-permeable membrane. This process takes in pure water from its contaminants. A solution of concentrated salts will effortlessly be removed with little heat treatment. This will remove the contaminants from water using very little energy.

Unpurified water will be polluted and contain dangerous chemicals that can harm your health. It is also important to save energy. Forward Osmosis is used for the separation of water and the chemicals. Using this technique, it has been proven to reduce energy consumption by over 50%. Or you can make use of heat with solar-thermal, geothermal and industrial heat.

Osmotic heat engine was released 1/14/09. Doesn't have a price.

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