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Coffee ConundrumBy: Bailey Rouse12-4-13

Does Coffee Decrease Reaction Time?





What did we do?

My Prediction

I think that reaction time decreases after people drink coffee, I also think that the time dcreases further when the coffee has cream and sugar in it.

Materials:1. Ruler2. 1 cup of coffee without cream or sugar3. 1 cup of coffee with cream and two sugars

I have noticed that everyone fills there bodies with highly caffinated drinks such as coffee, specifically when stressed out. When asking people about the reasoning behind this, the most common response was that they feel more alert and aware after drinking coffee. After doing research on the topic, the idea of reaction time decreasing with the consumption of coffee was supported by several studies including one by Kruk et. al. (2001) which stated that coffee did decrease reaction time and increased vigilence. I decided to test this theory on my own.

After completing all eight trils with each subject the results are clear that drinking coffee, specifically coffee with cream ans sugar decreases reaction time compared to the control (Subject 1) As indicated by the graph above, subject 1 had an average reaction time of 6.5 inches. Subject 2 had an average reaction time of 4.5 inches and subject 3 had a reaction time of 4.3 inches. It is clear that subject number 3 who drank coffee with cream and sugar had the best reaction time. This supports the hypothesis. It is clear that caffine with additives such as sugar and cream increase energy thus decreases reaction time.

1. After gaining the permission of the three subjects who are all female, I will ask subject 2 to drink 1 cup of coffee with no sugar or cream added. I will ask subject 3 to drink one cup of coffee with cream and sugar added. Subject 1 will not drink coffee. Subject 2 and 3 will wait 20 minutea fter drinking the coffee to complete the eperiment.2. I will ask subject 1 to place her right arm on the table so that her hand is hanging over the edge. I will then hold the ruler about one foot above her hand. I will drop the ruler and ask her to pinch it. I will record the inch mark she caught it on. There should be eight trials.3. Subject 2 and 3 will complete the same experiment after 20 minutes.


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