energy concepts

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energy concepts

absorbed: when energy is taken into an objectbiomass: agricultural waste that can bs used as a source of fuelchemical: energy that is released when atoms are split, or molecules dividedconduction: when energy is passed directly from one object to another through touchconvection: the movement of gases or liquids from a cooler spot to a warmer spotcrest: the peak of a sound wave where the greatest air pressure occurselectrical/ magnetic: a form of energy that results from the attraction of objects made of ironenergy: the ability to do workfuel: any material that can be burned or altered to obtain energy gravity: the force of attraction between two objects (for example the Earth and moon)heat: the flow of thermal energy that causes an increase in temperatureinsulator: a type of material that tries to prevent the flow of thermal energyjoule: the basic unit of energy that scientists use

kinetic: the energy of motionlight: a form of energy that can travel through space and lies partly within the visible rangeloudness: the amount of energy in a soundmechanical: the energy associated with the movement of an objectnonrenewable: energy sources that will not be replenished in a short time period.nuclear: the energy that is stored within atomspotential: stored energyradiation: heat energy transfer in the absense of matter, and sometimes through matterreflected: the bouncing of light, sound or heat off an objectrefracted: the bending of light when it moves from one type of matter to anotherrenewable: energy sources that will be replenished in a short time periodsound: a form of energy that travels as waves through the air and some solids and liquidstransmitted: the passing of light or sound waves through a materialposter yourself

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Energy Concepts


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