Energy and Matter

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Energy and Matter




Earth gets its energy from two sources: One source is itself which is the internal energy source. The second source is the sun.........................................................................

In photosynthesis plants become living organisms. Their structure is they get energy from the sun, take in carbon dioxide from the air, and release oxygen back into the air.

Engineers use robotics to measure the three states of matter. Students use ice as a solid and examine the temperature at which it becomes a liquid, and then transforms into a gas. Engineers study matter to determine at what temperature a products matter may change.

All objects and substances in the natural world are composed of matter. Matter is made up of two fundamental properties: Matter takes up space, and matter has inertia. interactive lab shows the different states of matter. It lets the student change a liquid to a solid by cooling the temperature level. It also lets students change a solid a to a liquid by raising the temperature. The activity also shows a graph as the phases are changing forms.

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