Endocrine System

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Human Anatomy

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Endocrine System

The Endocrine System functions to- regulate mood, growth, development, tissue function, and metabolism- coordinate and control many of the body's functions- release hormones to send messages which make parts of the body change the activity of the cellsand is in charge of- body processes- making sure that many of your body's functions are coordinated and produce hormones

The endocrine system helps maintain homeostasis by- controlling the bone growth rate and metabolism- regulating growth, digestion, and body temperature- regulating sleep, how you break down and utilize food, and weight

Sends out its own chemical messages, and rules the actions of most major endocrine glands.


Thymus gland

Thyroid gland

Helps your body fight off infections, and is a key player in production of T cells, which identify and kill germs in your blood.

Pituitary gland

Adrenal gland

Releases hormones that control how fast your body's cells burn energy. This affects how other parts of your body grow and develop.

Regulates your response to stress, releases hormone adrenaline in dangerous or exciting situations, and gives you a quick burst of strength.

Releases hormone insulin, which regulates your blood sugar.

Hypothalamus gland

The endocrine system is made up of glands, which are groupings of cells. Each gland has a particular function.

Monitors your body and sends the information to your pituitary gland.

A hormone is a chemical substance that acts like a messenger in the body. Hormones are responsible for regulating your metabolism, mood, growth, and organ function.

The endocrine system works with many other systems. A few examples are the circulatory and the excretory system. It works with the circulatory system when glands release hormones into the bloodstream. It works with the excretory system when a hormone is released out of the pituitary gland it controls all of the excretory system.

The Endocrine SystemBy Jeremy Keast & Jacob Gavel


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