Ending poverty

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Ending poverty

Ending poverty begins with clean water.By Serena, Esther Jaw Dropper Show Stopper


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Facts 1500,0000 people in Africa die each year. If you pluse that by 5 years it will equal 300,000,00 die each year.Did you know that every 5 seconds someone dies. The Africans don't have clean water because they have to go to the toilet in their lakes. Also they have to wash themselfs in the lake and all the mud gos into the lake They also have to wash their hands and their clothes in the lake. Then they have to drink that water. Africa is the second biggest country.If their water is dirty than when they grow food their food is dirty.

We need to help NOW!Africans only have drity waterNo access to clean water.

InterestingFactAfrica is one of the biggest countries in the worldWOW!


Dirty water

fix you


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