[2015] Ryan Jenkins: Ending poverty

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[2015] Ryan Jenkins: Ending poverty

Ending poverty begins with clean water.

Daily routine

Then they drink from it

Stop Poverty

What is the issue?The issue is that people are constantly washing themselves and thier clothes in the water and going toilet in there. But worst of all they are drinking all the diseases in the water.

How has this happened?This has happened because they don't have washing machines, toilets and showers. They also don't have clean water to drink. They are gettiong sick because they don't know the consiquence.

Washing ...

Poverty Lifestyle

I am unlucky and lucky for my home.

How can we help their communities?We are helping by raising funds at this concert, and also giving them more knowledge. We could give them things they don't have such as washing machines, showers and toilets so they can get access to clean water.

75% of the worlds poorest countries are in Africa. Africa is the poorest continent in the world. There is 852 million people starving in Africa.

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