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Ender's Game


VivisectTo dissect the living body of an animal" I was not ready to do the vivisect today in first period."Pg.12

Tousleddisordered or disheveled" The boys hair was really tousled."Pg.10Pg.10

PsycoanalysisA systematic structure of theories concerning the relation of consious and unconscious psycological process." The high-schoolers studied a psycoanalysis yesterday in science." Pg.9

ShiedSimple past tense and past participle of shy" Amy shied about her fall in the hallway."Pg.14

5 Favorite Excerps

GloweredTo look or stare with sullen dislike , discontent , or anger." I glowered at my mom when she wouldn't get me a toy." Pg.12

SilhouettedThe outline or general shape of something." The sun silhouetted the man perfectly."Pg.15

" Ender spread his hand over the child-sized keyboard and wondered what it was like to have adult hands with thick stubby fingers and beefy palms." ( I love this section because I used to think the same thing and also because he wrote that section so perfectly and it made me think of a giant's hand.) pg.5

" The giant fingers of gravity holding them firmly in place." ( I think it's really neat how in the book Ender has such a broad imagination it helps make the book a bit more interesting rather than Ender just having a regular boring imagination.) pg.30

" Your brother hates you becuse you are living proof that he wasn't good enough. Your parents resent you because of all the past they are trying to evade."( in this excerpt, Orson scott made Graff explode with the real reason to things and you sometimes can't just keep everything as a secret. I also like how he used the great word choice.) pg.23

" The doctor was twisting something at the back of Ender's head. Suddenly a pain stabbed through him like a needle from his neck to groin." ( I like how Orson created a vlear picture in my mind of the pain zooming through his body like a lightening bolt.) pg.3

" The men moved slowly, catlike, so the camera motion would be smooth." ( I chose this because the words practicaly jump off the page and act out what they say and I think that is really cool how Orson is able to do that with his books.) pg.28

Ever since the beginning of the book, Ender has been very nice, and strong even though he feels like he doesn't belong in his family, he doesn't show it, which for me, that would be really hard. He aso has a really broad imagination which I love because it makes the book a lot more interesting. His imagination really shines through hs personality and I think he has the right idea to get through life. I look up to him as a role model even though he isn't a real person.

Character Traits

Ender's Game

The author, Orson Scott, uses a very good technique for making the plot move smoothly. He doesn't just stay on one topic for like four pages, but he also doesn't have too many topics in one chapter. In chapter one, Orson uses dialogue and action to make sure that the plot moves. For example, the chapter is about Ender getting his monitor out, he made sure that the book was suspensful. Orson made something go wrong to add suspense so that the reader wanted to keep reading. I love how Orson Scott Card makes sure that his books are interesting and suspensful.

Plot Movement


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