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Ender's Game

Ender's GameBy: Orson Scott Card

CONFLICT-Man vs. Self

Ender’s Game, in its own uniquity, has various settings that road map the plot. The main character, never resides at a set place for a long period. He is always shifting from one setting place to another. The setting of Ender's Game is really four locations: North Carolina, Battle School, Command School, and the Colony. But first, let’s talk time. In the beginning North Carolina is the main character's (Ender is his name) significant home where his family and him lived, before Colonel Graff came to collect this boy for training to become a soldier. It seems to be a friendly place where the clock is valued. The house where Ender lives is supposed to be a spacious 4 bedroom with a decent dining and a separate kitchen. But greater to its importance, than this preferable setting, is the main setting which plays throughout most of this novel.Battle School is where Ender was shipped away at the age of six, to undergo training to become a Commandeer. There he was transferred from one army to the next so he could keep with his advancement level. For example, he was moved from the mediocre group of launchies to the group Salamander Army then to the Rat Army. This school served as the primary home for Ender for nearly two-thirds of the book. It was a playful, but tension filled atmosphere where most pieces incorporated where created through the use of technology. The School was where you find no guidance from the elders and had to roam and solve puzzles yourself. This was training in disguise and an aspect that also taught Ender a few leadership skills. My imagination of Battle School is a gloomy place with lights indicating routes, almost like an exploration camp with a special design such that the gravity is that of outer space and the area is covered with arcades and battle rooms as a whole. The author describes this destination a military installation based in a space station orbiting Earth. It is designed to train and evaluate children as future officers in the International Fleet for the imminent battle against the Formics. It includes both "standard" educational techniques (such as classroom studies), and "games" designed specifically to develop the unique characteristics required of its students. One of the most unique features of the space station was the Battle Room, a large microgravity chamber where different armies competed. My creative mind pictures this setting a little differently. The Battle Rooms tend to be painted black, stored with equipment and a wrestling bag as a centerpiece.While other components at its surrounding like, dormitories seem to appear to me like dark closets with dirty bunkbed and a mysterious mood setting, orange glow and. The dining hall, though appears bright and jovial with the aroma of delicious meals wavering in the air and a batch of chatterboxes laughing and joking. Albeit this, just when the reader is familiarized with all of this, the plot scene moves to a different place and that is known as the Command School.The author describes and introduces Command School in a certain manner. It starts from when Colonel Graff takes Ender to Command School. At Command School, Ender meets Mazer Rackham, hero of the second bugger invasion. Mazer sets Ender up with a new computer simulation, and Ender has his old Battle School friends acting as sub-commanders under him. They play the simulation and win the game. But it turns out to be a real war. I imagine Command School to be a giant spaceship with a main room that displays all the controls that are divided into sectors, creating a small private space for anyone like Ender. I think it to be a very technology uplift area where one wrong move can cause havoc. But, this is an immensely short component, Command School, although it plays an important role, since, Ender is essentially destroying his enemy, the buggers, in reality. Soon the climax is held somewhere else, thought. The ColonyAfter this scene of action, that drives us to the conclusion, Ender meets Valentine again, who takes him to the Colony. There, he discovers a message that the buggers left him. It states that even though, he may have killed their species, the did it without the knowledge that they never meant any harm. And the truth is they didn’t. They simply wanted a place to belong in the world and society. They thus gift him a pupa in a cocoon, despite having been dead, and request him to replenish their species using that cocoon and find them a place to live. I picture this place as a soothing place of realization, where all of us learn the same, astonishing fact and in our hearts construct the same mission. Although, this setting lasted on shortly, it was a very reflective and clear place imagined with soothing scenes that would help you think in a calm mind and laughter that would give you joy, the first time in forever again. These were the main settings that I pictured similar to the mind of the author and these setting were the ones who were vital for me to develop and interest, mood, and feeling for this book.


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Life Changing Letter to the Main Character

1567 Cortar Peak Drive South Carolina, 19006 2/9/2016Dear Ender:Today, I write to you to express my joy of having being familiarized with such a great leader as you. Since in the past years, you have helped this global world, I happened to come across a famous book that explained your life. But, other than that, I have come to also provide suggestions on how to change your character and an alternate way you can react to a few situations. This will hopefully, help you build a stronger personality than you have. I had often noticed during the course of the book that they address you as a sentimental character with an IQ well above average. Your description said, that often you were the centerpiece of a bully group. And when this group often got on your nerves, you felt the need to prove yourself. And this whole situation made you go out of control and at times hurt a soul more than you intended. But, the emotions and tears you had post that shows that you were apologetic for your actions. Instead of all that chaos that then becomes another burden for you to contemplate on, why not take charge of your feelings as you experience them. Instead of thinking at those times what you could do to prove yourself or run away from it, you could sternly express your thought on what you are getting bullied about and walk away after your statement. If they know that your are not one of those individuals that pay attention, they won’t spend their time bothering you. I also noticed you were very subtle and soft in the way you presented yourself initially. The text said you won’t directly retaliate to anything and very few people like Valentine, your sister, cared for you. Ender, you must choose what battles you actually want to fight. From my past experience, it is not worth fighting them all. And when you fight one, don't’ show yourself as a passive soul. Fight with you might and stand up for your side. But, when you don’t see the point in one, don’t even get involved. Ignore those who try to get you indulged. Due to these conflicts, you might not always have friends. Honestly, no one can live without friends. No one can survive without the affection being showered upon them. No one can live a peaceful life without knowing that they have the support of their family members.It is simply not the nature of human kind. But, despite that times arrive when we face such situations. At those times you must be strong then. Know that someone is there no matter how far they are and they care for you. Have faith in yourself and divert your attention often from that subject. Try to form new relationships and you’ll find someone who will end your isolation. be brave and try to recover from your habit of crying as the book says you often do when you require love. Keep strong and don’t let emotions over take your consciousness. Not only that, I also have noticed based on the book on how you think too deeply about subjects like what happened during the “Giant’s” game in Battle School how you sometimes tend to overthink a bit. You often ponder on why something happened, very deeply. And that is not bad, it is infact vital in the analyzation of issues. But again, not every topic is worth paying attention to. Sometime you must not worry about a minor topic to a great extent. It may not have any importance in the future. The things that will impact your life majorly are the ones you should ponder on. This way, you won’t have too many thoughts with you at the same time and will be able to focus at a greater rate. These are probably some of the most influential traits that you may want to improve. Other than that, you have strong, leading character that you should always maintain. Your personality is one that not everyone may posses. You are a unique character, but you must keeping working hard, continuously the same way. I love how you look at a situation from every perspective before taking action. This way, you must remain, Ender, so you can prove to be with being born. So that you can successfully live the life as a role model for all of us. Thank you for your time and patience and I hope his was time well spent. Hope to receive some sort of letter in response. Thank you for being an individual I can look up to. Bienvenidos!Sincerely,Tannvi BanerjeeBook Review based on the Book I read:As you come across this book in a bookstore, many of you will probably leave this book alone just because of its thickness. But, once you have read the first page, you will get hooked. It contains a different plot that is held in a futuristic place with vivid description and fast moving action. For all the sci-fi lovers around the world and even those who don’t, this will be a good read. For when it's the battle between aliens and human kind, suspense is the key to who shall win. At every page turn, thrilling events and suspense clasp your heart, dragging you into the emotion of the book. I suggest that every individual has an opportunity to view this commendable book by Mr. Scott Card. This author drags you into every event through his engaging text and gives you a feel of the surroundings with this vivid description. For those of you who suffer from having to follow the story, this is an extremely comprehendable book. So enjoy yourself as you flow into this intense, moving action of the book, Ender's Game. - Tannvi

Hugo Award that Ender's Game won

Wordle for Vocab and Character Names

First, "I'm afraid, said Ender quietly. But I'll go with you. 'Tell me again', said Graff. It's what I was born for, isn't it? If i don't go,why am I alive? 'Not good enough', said Graff. I don't want to go, said Ender, but I will" (26). In this example Ender has trouble deciding whether he should stay at home or go with Graff to battle school. He does not want to leave Valentine, his Mom, and Dad but he realizes that no one else cares about him, so he decides to go. Next, "Ender began to cry. Lying on his back , still soaking wet with sweat and water, he gasped his sobs, tears seeping out of his closed eyelids and disappearing in the water on his face. 'Are you alright?' 'I didn't want to hurt [Bonzo]!' Ender cried. 'Why didn't he just leave me alone!" (213). Here Ender fights himself inside because he is very mad that he had killed Bonzo because he does not want to hurt anyone, but he does to defend himself. He wishes that Bonzo did not mess with him because then he would not of had to do anything to harm Bonzo. At this point Ender has reached the highest point of stress in his life so far and he is having trouble keeping himself under control. These are all examples of Man to Self conflict that took pace in Ender’s Game. Ender’s Game happens to involve in quite a deep sensation of man to self conflict between Ender(the main character) and himself. The main factor is due to the decisions he must make, knowing they will forever change his life. Often it's a question between someone the really loves or the welfare of the World. Another example is when he has finally settled into the Battle School( a place the government took him) and made a good friend(Alai), but he must forsake it all to be transferred elsewhere. Or, like mentioned before when he must leave his beloved Valentine to go elsewhere, knowing they may never have an opportunity to meet again. It hurt him deeply to know that the would travel far from her, in a world where no one would befriend him, where the didn’t have her warm hugs and protection. To leave a family to fight a war at the age of six cost him this. When the had to chose between his duty, fulfilling what the was born for, or living a luxurious life with his family. To want an answer for why every situation cost him and only him. To know that the was different from the rest and society would fame him, but not accept him. These situation occurred through the majority of the book, causing a lot of contemplation between his inner half. But, to recover from his emotions was another play which the always successfully did through the diversion of a conversation. It is harsh to always feel a loss of something, to know that you are alone in this cruel world with no soul to express yourself on. To have to face your worst fears, separated from your loved ones and their encouragement. To realize that no one would be there to support you, even if you desperately wanted and worst of all, to know even you parent are part of that crowd, just because you were born without their wish. And to hold all of this in yourself and a teardrop, for however long Ender did, from 6 to was truly commendable. Although, there was man to self conflict, author, Orson Scott Card, designed a sentimental, yet, hardy character that held all of this in and at the end was rewarded for his emotional strength, was rewarded for holding in his man vs. self conflict aspect. And this all sentiment and emotion was held inside the character of Ender, in the book known as Ender’s Game.


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