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Ender's Game

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CharactersAndrew “Ender” Wiggin: The next great general. Ender’s conception was authorized solely for the purpose of warfare. To his dismay, Ender has the perfect balance of love, violence, and intelligence that render him the world’s finest strategist and tacticle solider. He is much more advanced than most children at Battle School, and will reluctantly destroy any and all who get in his way. Ender hates himself for his ability to love his enemy.Character Theme: Numb by Linkin' ParkPeter Wiggin: Ender and Valentine’s older brother. He is devious, heartless, and an excellent liar. Everything works for Peter. He has a gift of seeing peoples’ weaknesses and manipulating them. Peter has been declared too violent for Battle School.Character Theme: Don't Mess With Me by Temposhark (Skip Verse 2)Valentine Wiggin: Ender’s big sister. Valentine is loving, kind, and gentle. She is Ender’s favorite thing in the world. Valentine is just as smart as her brothers, and also has a gift for manipulating people (though she doesn’t like to admit it).Character Theme: Lyla by OasisJulian “Bean” Delphiki: The smallest, youngest, and most intelligent student in Battle School. Bean sees things that Ender misses. He is Ender’s confidant and best friend. Ender depends on Bean.Character Theme: Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me? by NO USE FOR A NAMEPetra Arkanian: One of the few girls at Battle School. She’s cocky and obnoxious, but also sensitive. Petra is a sharpshooter who takes it upon herself to mentor Ender. Character Theme: My Vietnam by P!NKDink Meeker: Calm, cool, and collected, Dink my personal favorite character. He knows that everything in Battle School is a game, and refuses to play. He is the secret force behind a long streak of victories in Rat Army, and has been offered his own army, but repeatedly declines.Character Theme: The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

My Favorite Quote:“-Peter tortures squirrels. He stakes them out on the ground and skins them alive and sits and watches them until they die. He did that for a while, after Ender left; he doesn’t do it now. But he did it. If Ender knew that, if Ender saw him, I think that he’d--He’d what? Rescue the squirrels? Try to heal them?-No, in those days you didn’t undo what Peter did. You didn’t cross him. But Ender would be kind to squirrels. Do you understand? He’d feed them.-But if he fed them, they’d become tame, and that much easier for him to catch.-No matter what you do, it always helps Peter. Everything helps Peter, everything, you just can’t get away, no matter what.”

ReviewFive Stars. I love the bluntness that the characters express in war. Too many people are too nice in the world when really, it's not a nice place. Card perfectly relays the bitter reality of life that most people pretend to forget.

Plot: At age six, our protagonist, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin has his monitor removed. In this society, children have computers implanted into their necks at birth so that the government may analyze their actions and determine their military potential. Most children's monitors are removed at age three, so Ender is a bit of an outcast. He's also a Third. Child conception laws limit two children per family, but Ender's siblings were both so close to perfect, that the Wiggin family was asked to bare another son. After his monitor is removed, Ender returns to school. A boy named Stilson starts to make fun of Ender. When class is over, Stilson and his friends start beating Ender. Reluctantly, Ender defends himself, and though he doesn't find out until years later, kills Stilson. Later that day, Colonel Graff of the International Fleet comes to the Wiggin house and asks Ender why he kicked Stilson when he was down. Ender says that by doing so, he won the war, and no one would ever try to hurt him like that again. Graff is impressed by this response and invites Ender to Battle School. The people in charge of Battle School isolate Ender from the beginning. They want him to learn that he can never ask for help. This is first shown on the space shuttle that takes Ender and several other Launchies to the school. Ender is proven to be the smartest kid in the room when he accidentally breaks another kid's arm by quickly adjusting to the null gravity. Nobody like Ender. Ender doesn't really need the classes they provide at Battle School. Instead he obsesses over the fantasy game imbedded into every students desk. The teachers use the game to analyze and assess the psychology of the children. There comes a point in the game where Ender has to choose between two drinks offered to him by a giant. Supposedly,only one of the drinks will kill you, and the other lets you advance, but no one has ever chosen the right drink. This game drives Ender insane, when finally he kicks both shot glasses over and attacks the giant. Ender didn't mean to kill the giant, but the message was clear: In war, its kill or be killed. And Ender hates it. The day finally comes where Ender is assigned to an army where he'll get to battle. Salamander Army is rulled by Bonzo Madrid, a prideful Spanish idiot. (I didn't include him in the characters section because he eventually gets himself killed, but he plays an important role in the story.) Bonzo is sickened by the fact that Ender is in his army. He alienates him by not letting him participate in any of the practice sessions, and yells at him all the time. Petra is the only one who actually tries to befriend Ender, and gives him basic tranining. Ender is soon transferred to Rat Army, but Bonzo hates him by the time he's gone. It turns out that Ender was requested by Dink Meeker, the toon leader responsible for Rat Army's victories. Dink teaches Ender that nothing matters; everything is a game. Rat Army is the last army that Ender is as a regular solider. Next Ender finds himself leading Dragon Army, which was drafted by Ender's failsafe, Bean. The teachers are relentless with Dragon Army, and break every rule. They send them to multiple battles a day, battles in the dark, and even battles against multiple armies at once. Ender wins every battle, of course, but he's slipping again. During last battle before Ender graduates and is sent to Eros, he quits, and if not for Bean, the would have lost. Ender is graduated from Battle School. He is given a short vacation, but doesn't want to return to war. For three months he lives a normal life. Isolated, yet content. The thought of being a general makes him miserable, but Valentine eventually persuades him to go to Command School in Eros. (GO TO RESOLUTION.)

Setting:The majority of the plot of Ender’s Game takes place in a far off future at Battle School, a huge floating space station where the most brilliant young minds of the world are recruited and trained to become military leaders.

Conflict: Will Ender and his friends have what it takes to win the Bugger War and save humanity?

Resolution:Ender and all of his friends are sent to Command School on a planet called Eros. They don’t know it, but the teachers secretly disguise battles as computer simulated games. During the final “test”, Ender gives up and detonates the enemy’s entire planet, killing all aliens and winning the Bugger War.

At the end of the book, Ender finds the last bugger egg, which symbolizes hope to start anew.


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