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Ender's Game

1. A good background on the ending of the story, sliced into halves2. The style of the writing in the book for seasoning3. Descriptive language that engages the reader, cut evenly into slices4. No jargon words, tightly squeezed with no leftover of juice5. Proper punctuation, spiced with a bit of comma usage6. A tinge of personal lesson and theme for garnish(optional)

1. Write in bullet points the plot of your extra chapter and cook for about 35 mins.2. Rearrange the bullet points, disregarding the bullets and combine into sentences with the use of descriptive language and add slight pepper3. Notice the bombarding words and replace them with more comprehensive ones, tossing in the pan every 2 minutes.4. Make corrections to your grammar using a pinch of salt5. Refer back to strong themes such as determination and the author's writing style and fix your component so it matches by roasting it in the oven at 180 degrees.6. Wrap up your conclusion adn add a strong beginning by garnishing with herbs.7. Read the chapter with delight and enjoy your meal!


Ender's GameBy: Orson Scott Card


Final Output

Extra ChapterRecap of the Ending: Ender realizes that he’s just committed genocide by killing all the buggers, stumbles out of the command center, wanders into a Formic cave, discovers an egg, has a telepathic conversation with a dying Formic queen who wipes(hive-queen-leader of buggers)tears away with her Giant Ant Foot, and then Ender sets off to colonize a new Formic world with his egg. Through this egg, he realizes that the buggers, in other context, his enemy, never meant any harm, nor war. They just desired a place in society. So Ender sets out to fulfill their wish and perhaps change our perception of everything forever. Extra Chapter: With a soft kiss, the same Valentine would rise Ender up each day who then would wander their spaceship from one world to the other, in the passion of telling stories about pain and grieve and of discovering a place where the hive queen could thrive. 6 months had passed, then, suddenly, one afternoon through the gleaming border of the sun, Ender spotted a world abandoned from society. With his spacesuit buckled around his slender waist, and a gesture to Valentine to stay on the spaceship, he explored the red field of this undiscovered land. “ No one will disturb the hive queen’s peace here,” he pondered in his mind. With a gentle sway of air through the sand, as if cleaning the base, then rested the beautifully bred white cocoon, steadily on the surface and screamt,“This will be your home, hive queen!” And as if responding to his cries, the barren land clawed with the wind and the few plants in sight, swayed at the yell. He knew it was no good to take a decision this quickly and hastily, but something about this land had appealed to him, as if sending him a message that this is where the could find his goal.Suddenly, past them, a spaceship made its entry and dove right through them. With the egg bundled in his arm, he ran past the pull force of the wind and into his spaceship’s rear deck. Two men, secretly murmuring to themselves stepped out with laser shooters tight around their spacesuits. Momentarily, their verbal communication had started going into a shove every so often. And slowly, appeared as if they were quarrelling over a heated topic. Ender recollected the time when he had lost control of himself. When a slight comment would lead to him injuring someone. He remembered how he had dug out the Giant’s eye in the game in Battle School, and the reason sheerly of anger. His face hidden beneath the curtains at his spaceship’s entrance, he leaned closer to get a clearer view. Ender was settling in his position, just as the cocoon slips out of his grasp. “Hey! Isn’t that what we were looking for? A white cocoon? Come let us take it, partner,” says a voice from one corner. A man in a white suit with a black belt swipes his hand and grabs the cocoon. Without the knowledge of emerging from his hideout, Ender steps in front of the anonymous man.“ Give that back!”“ Who said it is yours?” Ender, with his mind, out of control, ran after the men and attempted on snatching the cocoon. His heart was beating faster by the second. He knew he could never afford to lose the cocoon. Images of a fight flashed in his mind and he craved the feeling of fear and anger to wash off him. The men fled the area, with their bouncing suits, on the low gravity surface and just as they had come, they disappeared into thin air with their UFO spaceship. That is when Ender realised, no matter how much he wanted to catch up with them, he couldn’t. Even if he chased them with his spaceship, theirs would put them out of breath in no time, it was that fast. He had no chance of cradling that cocoon, the only light of hope for the buggers, now. And perhaps, he had lost it forever. Without knowing what else to do, for the first time in a long period, Ender cried. His mouth shaped into the words the Formic queen had last uttered, as Valentine clutched him, in her vain efforts to soothe.The next time, Ender awoke, he felt himself relax in the passenger seat. But, before his eyes came into consciousness, he saw Peter, miles away, and thought what he would be doing now. Then, the last tinges of the weary cocoon waiting to be born, slowing began putting themselves together like a puzzle in his mind, and diverted his attention to the rescue mission for the cocoon. The feeling was gone. Instead, his jaws clenched and his hands turned into fists as the recapped the scene of the kidnapping. His mind pondered who they had been and what kind of enemy he would confront and have to kill now. Valentine came over with tasteless food from the storage, which Ender seemed to gobble down like the Giant would have gobbled a human in the Giant’s Game back in Battle School. But, then, his train of thoughts took a twist, and Ender began to realize how much of his life he had spent there and how many memories he had build. With Petra, with Alai, all the friends he had ever made that were now on Earth probably. Then he remembered Command School and how he had been the commander of the war that almost extinguished the very species that were a symbol of uniquity for the world. But now, he would fix that. if only, the could know a little more about the kidnappers. Then, before Ender knew it, at that point, sitting at the edge of a buckled seat, he devised his ultimate plan. This plan had to be executed fast, so nothing would further damage the life of the cocoon. This plan would be the ultimate step to rescue the white cocoon and reinforce the species of buggers. This would be the last box a pawn moved before it became the queen of the chess board. He only had one last act on his mind before this took shape. And that was asking Valentine to pack the emergency ropes and kit in a bundle.With his oxygen tank full and the emergency materials and ropes swung over his shoulders, he parachuted into space, promising Valentine, he would come back to the spaceship, very soon. Only difference, next time, he would have the cocoon in his hand. It took him a lot of persuading and tear wiping to convince his sister, but now he was off and the next time he would look below his spaceship, he would see the buggers and the humans, embracing each other. He didn’t know then, but he had begun another episode of adventure that he was going on now, a journey that would change his life greater than the decision he had told to Colonel Graff when he was five, had.Book Review based on the Book I read(Ender's Game):As you come across this book in a bookstore, many of you will probably leave this book alone just because of its thickness. But, once you have read the first page, you will get hooked. It contains a different plot that is held in a futuristic place with vivid description and fast moving action. For all the sci-fi lovers around the world and even those who don’t, this will be a good read. For when it's the battle between aliens and human kind, suspense is the key to who shall win. At every page turn, thrilling events and suspense clasp your heart, dragging you into the emotion of the book. I suggest that every individual has an opportunity to view this commendable book by Mr. Scott Card. This author drags you into every event through his engaging text and gives you a feel of the surroundings with this vivid description. For those of you who suffer from having to follow the story, this is an extremely comprehensible book. So enjoy yourself as you flow into this intense, moving action of the book, Ender's Game. - Tannvi

Recipe For the Perfect Chapter:

Theme Poem:Theme: PerseveranceWritten By: Tannvi BanerjeePerseverance when you cry,Perseverance when you fall,Perseverance is the key, to all problems, I am sure you will agree!You may fall a billion times,But to pick yourself up, is supposed to be the rhymeThe world is harshBut, for you must fight, throughout the marsh,And prove yourself brightShine through the sun,Run deep in your heart, And somewhere you will see the missing fun.Failure is life,Success is not always your wife,But to continue ahead,And shine as bright as red,You must,Or else you may rust.Perseverance when you cry,Perseverance when you fall,Perseverance is the key, to all problems, I am sure you will agree!

Orson Scott Card

Nebula Award that Ender's Game won along with Hugo Award


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