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Endeavor"s first journey-August16, 1768 to July 13, 1771Endaevors second journey-1772 t0 1775Endeavors third journey-1776 to 1779

Captain Cook came very prepared, and had alot of extra food, water, animals, weapons and ammo, and extra instruments to see Venus better

The Second TripA year after the first journey, he went on a third one to find the southern continent. During the expedition, he was using a timekeeper, or a sea clock. when they were trying to get their way into the Arctic Circle it was way to cold and they had to turn back. They next went to New Zealand and then to the island Tahiti and finally left for home with two people from the island.

Captain James Cook

Captain Cook purchased the ship in the year of 1768, after Admirality bought her to look the sky.

Mr. Cook picked the kind of ship that he liked best. The ship he chose (Endeavor) had a very small bottom so it had a very small chance of running into the ground, and if something happened and they only had a little bit of people, they could still run the ship.

What kind of ship was it?



The Third TripOn his third expidition, he was trying to find the North-West passagethat he thought connected the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Cook took the Resolution and Discovery. He ran into the wall with one of his ships then turned to go south to Hawaii. He left Hawaii but had to go back because Resolution had to be fixed. James Cook tried to take their king and hold him hostage because his ship got stole, but he got stabbed and killed on February 14, 1779.

The First TripOn the first trip, he started at Plymouth, around Cape Horn, into the Pacific, and stopped on the island called Tahiti. They stayed there for a little bit and eventually left for the island New Zealand, but did not find he south island like they were looking for. They went on traveling to Tasmania and Australia. By then the Endeaver was very wrecked from dragging on the coral reefs but none were serious and could all be fixed.

The Endeavor was good for many things like carrying cargo and just going on adventures

This is a seaclock that Captain Cook used on is first journey. They tell the time in roman numerals while out at sea or somewhere else.


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