Sea Turtles (Endangered species project GSmith)

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Environmental Studies

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Sea Turtles (Endangered species project GSmith)

Sea Turtles

Where in the world are these species found?

Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, along Argentine coast, and Mediterranean sea.Habitat: Tropical and subtropical areas near continetal coasts and around islands

1) Predators such as raccoons, crabs, and ants raid eggs and hatchlings still in nest.2) Human harvest for consumptions for spiritual beliefs.3) Illegal sea turtle shell trade.4) Commericial fishing

Why are these species endangered?

How many individuals remain?

There are 244 different kinds of Sea Turtles , and 19 of them species can be found in maryland.

Leatherback, Green, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley are the types of Sea turtles that can be found in Maryland.

How long until these species go extinct ?

"Sea turtles are natural parts of the environment and if they were to go extinct it would upset the balance that has existed for millions of years " - Dr. Richard Reina

Why are these species important to the world , and why should humans work to save them?

Theses speices are important to this world because we use parts of their body that produce oil for medical purposes. If these animals go extinct theoil needed for that medicine would no longer be here.

There are many things being done to try and revitalize Sea Turtles numbers. For example, they are setting new laws and modifying fishing equipment so that the Sea turtles numbers can increase. Also, more laws need to be set and less human activity that will harm the Sea turtles. The new process to try and stop endangering Sea Turtles are progressing very slowly but there still are probmles. For example, predators are still continuing to destroy Sea turtle eggs, and the illegal human activiy must STOP .

Green except we're endangered, Dude!




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