[2015] Kate+Emily R (3rd Earth Science 2015): Endangered Lions

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[2015] Kate+Emily R (3rd Earth Science 2015): Endangered Lions

Lions can be misunderstood

The're accually very loving

The're more like us than you'd think

Endangered LionsBy: Kate

How Many Lions Are Left?-There are only 34 thousand wild African lions left-The lions could be extinct by 2016-They might be gone in less than a year

Something To Think About...How can YOU make a difference and save the lions?

How Can We Save The Lions?-Make lion sanctuarys-Stop poaching-Raise money-Save their habitat-Stop canned hunting-Stop hunting their pray

Why Are Lions Endangered?-Sport Killing-Loss of Prey-People are ruining their habitat-Used for cruel entertainment-Bad diseases in the circus

Why Are Lions Killed?-For their fur- For Sport-Their Skin-Head on the wall-It's a status symbol-You would be considered brave-Their Bones-Hunting trophies


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