[2014] randy randrianarison: Endangered Lemurs!!!

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[2014] randy randrianarison: Endangered Lemurs!!!

The Lemurs Of Madagascar!!!There are 103 lemur species and 94% are endangered.

Interesting fact!!!People say lemurs look like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog.

Endangered lemurs!!!

What's the issue? Lemurs are the most endangered mammals on earth now. If we don't save them soon they might actually be extinct forever. This all started when a piece of earth broke apart from Africa and became Madagascar. The little island was filled with lemurs so, they called it the Island of Lemurs. But then the lemurs started being endangered because of the destruction of their habitat. We need to save the lemurs!!!

Why Is It Important?Lemurs are actually one of the most important disparsers, but how do they do it? Actually they have seeds in their poop . Also if one lemur species dies out more than one species of plant species might be treatened with it. It can also effect the fruit family.Some people eat lemur in Madagascar and that needs to stop cause that's one of the reasons lemurs are endangered. Lemurs are the key to life!!!

How can people help? You can go to websites like "live science" and support them or help them. Or even if you can make a website of your own support the lemur and let it live, save it please! We can't just rely on hope we have to do something about it. To save the lemurs you can stop people that are trying to kill them like prouchers,hunters ect... If you really want to help, you can adopt a symbolic animal it can help save the real one. Please speak up for wildlife .Help the lemurs survive!!!

Group of lemurs!!!


Randy R.

Iteresting Facts!!!!g-Lemurs only live in madagascar-the Indri lemurs sing like a whale-the Sifaka lemurs dance


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