Endangerd species

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Endangerd species

By; Paige Dinius

Endangered species

Ways you can help save endangered species.

Hunting is bad because most of the time it's illegal. killing any kind of animal- even if it's not illegal to kill is bad. When you hunt any animal, you're decreasing its population, so now there's less. These animals being hunted are now slowly going extinct, and you can't bring them back after they're gone. Hunting is a horrible thing!

List of endangered animals*White rhinos*Leopards*Gazelle*Giant panda*Comodo dragon*Tapir*Polar bear*Koala

Why you should help save endangered species. You should help save endangered species because they are very important. For example; the purple foxglove. The purple foxglove is used to help people who recently suffered from a heart attack. Without that medicine- people who suffered from a heart attack would die within 72 hours. There are over 20,000 plant species in the world. The more of those plants we harvest/ eat, the less animals who survive on those plants will get. Those aniamls will eventually die.

Why hunting is bad.

Causes of endangerment *Habitat distruction*Pollution*Illegal hunting*Disease

*Preserving their habitat in with national parks and reserves.*Don't use harmful chemicals in gardens/ on farms.*Recycle!*Plant trees and other plants.*Join an organization that helps save endangered species.



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