Endagered Animal

by cesaraddi
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Endagered Animal

-Blue Iguana-

The Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) is a specie of the Caribbean. Before the colonization of America had many iguanas on Grand Cayman (blue) endemic to the island of Grand Cayman.

This animal lives in our planet for over 3 billion years ago.

Blue Iguana is a species of reptile that habits at the rocks warmed by the sun or whites that exist in the near of the Cayman Islands forests. Its size is five feet and can weigh about 14 kilos. The male is larger than the strands.

Has excellent vision that allows him to distinguish figures at great distances, also has the distinction of having a parietal eye on the top of his head. While not what I used to see is used to detect changes in light and movement.

The males are a turquoise blue or gray tone, however females have a paler color tending to a light green.



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