End Of Reciprocity

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End Of Reciprocity

End of Reciprocity

What is Reciprocity ? A treaty of agreement alowing the control and developement of trade to continue to the north american colonies and BNA

Fun FactsAlthough most treaties are designed to intail plans of agreement and regulatory status this treaty was revoked after the results bcame un pleasing and the suspision grew between colonies towards the US

How was this caused? Great Britain's abrogation of protective tariffs in 1846 led Canada to look for new export opportunities for its products. So it turned to its neighbour to the South, the United States.

Who was effected by this eventT those of whom design the exports for the needs of different countries such as agriculture, tools and manufacturing technologies to furthur continue industry this allowed for intensive growth in north america both intellectually and industrially

This treaty was implemented to congregate nations as communitcation, alliances and wealth could be achieved through these actions.

Some events Previous to this event were the Quebec Act of 1774The Invasions of Canada 1775Constitutional Act 1791The war of 1812The Rebellions The Union Act The Great Coalition Ultimately Leading to Ideas of Confederation

What were the effects and consequences of this event

Reciprocity was an agreement between the United States and Canada, controversial at times on both sides of the border, to mutually reduce import duties and protective tariffs charged on goods exchanged between the countries from 1854 to 1866

This event is an external factor effecting those outside BNA that imported and exported products to different different areas.This also caused intimate relasionships between colonies and various trade.


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