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James Naismith , a sports teacher in Massachusetts , invented basketball in 1891 . It was inmediatly popular because students played it inside during the long winter players threw a ball into a fruit basket on the wall and scored point . Today , the NBA is one of the top professional basketball leagues . Michael Jordan and Magic Johson were basketball legends in their day.


On 6 th November , 1869 , teams from Rutgers and Princeton Universities met and played a football game together , based on English rugby rules . At first , the game was very violent and some players died because of their injuries . Walter Camp , the father of American Football , helped write rules to develop the game . Today , the rules make the gaame safer and players wear helmets and other protective equipment . The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football Game.

American football

Baseball is often called the nationalsport of the USA. It is a bat and ball game played by two teams of nine players on an area with four bases . The teams take turns batting . The batting team tries to score runs by hitting the ball and then running round all four bases to home.


Sports in the USA

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