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What is Upcycling??

The Wonderfulness of Upcycling

By Emily Matuella :)

Examples of Upcycled Fashions

Upcycling is the act of reusing items that are considered unusable to someone or something.


What problems in our World and society today would upcycling solve??

- Help reduce overall waste- Saving families money- Helps stores save clothing

This seems to be a good idea, why aren't lots of people doing it?

- Time Consuming-Money Problems-Eye for design isn't there- Resources aren't redily available

Fun Fact:Textile Waste (fabric products) make up 6% of all waste which is 11.8 million tons EACH YEAR

How can you contribute to the cause?

- Simply by doing it- Purchasing upcycled fashions

Fun Fact: A company has been upcycling old Oympic Speedo suits to make dress and other clothing

Fun Fact: Celebrities have gone so far about this upcycled trend that many upcycled dresses have been worn at the Oscars


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