Emporer Hirohito

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Emporer Hirohito

Coming to power at an early age Hirohito saw Japan as the rising power in the pacific. He would see Japan become the worlds 2nd largest economy. His Japan would take control of almost every pacfic island and the invasion of most of Southeast Asia. After world war 2 he would come to represent demilitarization in the post war period.Hirohito in his early riegn mostly followed in his fathers footsteps. He would eventually break out by invading Manchuria and establishing a puppet government. However in 1937 he would continue to take over China with almost no difficulty.


1926- He takes the throne at 251931- He launches an invasion of Manchuria1941- Japan attacks America1945- Hirohito declares he is not a god

On the outbreak of world war 2 Japan stayed neutrel only chosing a side after seeing Germany destroy the French army with the Blitzkreig. They almost immediatly took over French Indo-China and European colonies in the pacific.After world war 2 he became an advocate for peace after seeing the destructive capabilities of the atom bomb

Lasting Impact

His rebuilding efforts changed japan away from a warmongering nation to a pacifist technological power


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Emporer Hirohito



Japan Surrenders


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