Experiment - Employee Attitude Survey

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Experiment - Employee Attitude Survey




Biased Event

Margin of error

What it is and how it is usedThe margin of error is something used to tell how reliable something is.You use it to see if the experiment or if the data is correct and reliable and to see if you can use it

SurveyIt is used to get information from different people. It could be by asking a group of people, or individuals

This is an unbiased event because the question asked was fair and equal and didn't show any prejudice and this graph shows the equal amount shown if calculated correctly predicted in the future

This is a biased event. It is biased because they are using previous data to get what they think their next points are. They are using unfair predcitions to find something else

Unbiased Event

StudiesExpiremental study- Gets a group and divdes it into two and gets one regular and one control groupObservational study- When a group is being observed with no control or treatments

Honors**My survey would be how many people eat fast food monthly and what kind, if it is McDonalds, or Chicfila, or Wendys. It would be used to see how many people are unhealthy and if they are overweight. A way to make this biased is assuming every thin person who says they don't eat very much fast food is healthy. To make this unbiased is to make sure everyone is answering equally and to not put my opinion in it



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