Employbility Skills and Professional Dress

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Employbility Skills and Professional Dress

Professional dress and employability skills are a huge part of getting a good job someday. Without these it will be very hard to get a job without these skills because no one would want to hire you. You should also have these skills just to go through life because things like responsibility and how to work certain programs will come in handy.

-Professional Dress and Employablity Skills-

Professional Dress- they way that you wear clothes expected for your profession

Everyone dresses diferently for their specific job.. doctors where scrubs, but bankers where suits

This is what it looks like!

For swimmers a suit is their "professional dress"

Business men wear business suits

A lot of employablity skills revolve around responsibility, and getting along with others. Others are specific to a job type.

Employablity Skills- skills that you should have to help you in your job

Different jobs have different emploability skills that they expect you to able to do when you enter the job.

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