Empire State Building

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Empire State Building

It is located New York City, New York. Also, it is in the North East part of the U.S. The street is 305 5th Ave

By: Frank Campbell

In Winter (Dec,Jan,Feb)= 42-23. In Spring (Mar,Apr,May)= 68-32. In Summer (Jun,Jul,Aug)= 83-63. In Fall (Sep,Oct,Nov)= 74-38 In the winter people will go see it for new years eve but otherwise people see it as much as they want.

From1931 to 1970 it was the tallest building in the world otherwise it hasen't changed much. It 1,454 ft tall and it is stone gray. It is made of limestone,granite,brick,steel

it is man made historical landmark but functional and it symbolizes design, industry, planning and execution of technology of NYC.

It is a very busy city with a population of 8,336,697 and it uses about 7.1 metric tons of gasoline but because it's a hectic city it uses alot of elecltricty, water.

Empire State Building


Fun FactsCosts 40,948,900dollars.Costs 24,718,000 dollars to build. Took 7,000,000 man hours.

William F. Lamb is the architect of the building. In 1986 it became a national landmark because it represents New York's sucess. People visit it because it was the tallest building in the world for some time.

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