Empire of Ghana

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Empire of Ghana

Kingdom of Ghana

Trade Goods:- Salt - Spices - Gold - Iron- Peacock Feathers - Weapons- Ivory - Silk

400CE - 1230CE

Ghana Trade Routes

*Part highlighted in yellowis Ghana Kingdom

Modes of Transport(Used for Trade)Camels were the primary source of transport for trade in the desert. This was because:- They Were Able Bodied- Were Reliable- They Could Go Long distances without water- Were Very Fast on a Sandy Surface

Things That Had Supported TradeCurrency: NoneGhana had such a large abundance of gold that they began to use it for everything. From statues to weapons, gold was very common amongst folk. Ghana's gold was so plenty, that miners that worked inside of Gold Mines were allowed to keep any gold dust that they found but they were required to give there gold nuggets that they had mined towards the king. Although they never actually owned any gold mines, the Kingdom of Ghana controlled the gold trade route that flowed through and offered the traders a deal: That in exchange for there protection, they would offer up there gold nuggets and they could keep the gold dust.

ReligionReligion spread throughout the empire through trade. This was because Muslim merchants and traders that traveled along the trade routes would sometimes settle down states down south of the Sahara. From here, they would introduce there faiths and beliefs. Eventually, the Kingdom's rulers would become Muslim, with religious advisers by their side. Although many of the upperclass had converted, many of the citizens remained stuck to their beliefs of Spiritual forces inside of animals.

Political & Social StructureThe social structure consisted of the King, who was at the top of class with the council, which consisted of a group of wise elders that aided and advised the king during his rule. Ghana was a provincial government, meaning that the kingdom itself was divided into several parts where leaders would rule over the different provinces.

Daily LifeMost of the populace consisted of Miners, Farmers, and Artists. Art was embroided into cloths and fabrics by using mud and baking it into the cloths by letting it into the sun. The King sometimes conducted public prayers in the square, and storytelling was quite popular amongst the working class citizens. One such story is of Anasi the Spider, a story about a spider who went to eat at one of his friend's houses. Although everyone worked hard day and night, people were happy and they were protected.

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